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I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver | Book Review

I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver
Release Date: 9th July 2020
Genre: Adult, Thriller
Source: Publisher, NetGalley
Rating: ★★★★

Twenty years ago, the devil visited the woods around Southport, Long Island, claiming the lives of two boys. A local youth was charged with murder. Case closed.

Now journalist Erin Sloane has been commissioned to dig deeper into the story and is sent notes from someone long forgotten. But can she trust what she unearths? And how can she unravel what happened when she has her own secrets to hide?

Rich with the sense of a community imploding, buried secrets, corruption and racism, I SHOT THE DEVIL is a stunning portrayal of teenage hysteria and sexuality.

I requested I Shot the Devil from NetGalley as the title and the cover drew me in. I later learned that it follows a true crime reporter, and then I was hooked. I am very intrigued by true crime (I don’t want to call myself a “true crime fan”… we really need a better name for this hobby) and I always love it when books include some kind of true crime aspect.

I Shot the Devil has a low rating on Goodreads, and most of the reviews from what I can see are complaining about the main character. I can’t argue that Erin does some silly things that get her into trouble, however I personally didn’t mind that because I’m of the opinion that characters have to sometimes do stupid things, otherwise there’s not going to be a good plot.

I found I Shot the Devil to be very fast paced. I enjoyed uncovering the mystery of what happened in the past – the main events – and how various characters were either misunderstanding the thing that happened, or were spinning the incorrect story on purpose.

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There were a lot of character names and relationships to remember, which I think slowed down the plot a little and caused some confusion. I really enjoy small town drama, though, so the varied cast was a plus for me.

I Shot the Devil was a very dark story, and I found it super enjoyable. I’d be interested in checking out more of the author’s books, particularly if they have a true crime link or focus.

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