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Lights by Brenna Thummler | Book Review

Lights by Brenna Thummler
Release Date: 5th September 2023
Genre: Middle Grade, Paranormal
Source: Publisher, NetGalley
Rating: ★★★★

Marjorie Glatt’s life was forever changed the day she discovered a group of ghosts hiding in her family’s laundromat. One of those ghosts was Wendell: a lonely phantom turned Marjorie’s best friend. When he and Marjorie are joined by ghost-enthusiast Eliza Duncan, the three friends band together in friendship, bravery, and all things paranormal.

Wendell died far too young and now must wander the Land of Humans with nothing more than a sheet for a body. He knows how he died—a tragic drowning accident—but lately he’s grown curious about his past life. He wants to know more about why he died, not just how he died. It’s not easy, though, since Wendell’s memory of his human life has grown increasingly blurry. With Marjorie and Eliza’s help, they set out on a journey to find out more. When they hear a rumor about Wendell’s death, they wonder if it might not have been an accident after all. Meanwhile, Marjorie and Eliza’s friendship is tested when Marjorie starts to befriend the very people who used to bully Eliza.

In the third and final installment of the Sheets trilogy, Wendell will finally uncover the truth of his human life. Marjorie and Eliza will learn that some people really can change. Most of all, they start to see that everything can cast shadows, but if you look hard enough, you can find the light.

Prior to this year, I had seen the Sheets graphic novels around but I was never really interested in picking them up until a few close friends recommended the first book to me. I was taking part in a reading challenge in February and I needed some graphic novels, so I decided to give these a try, and I absolutely fell in love with Marjorie and Wendell. So much so that I’ve now finished the trilogy in just a couple of months!

Lights is the perfect ending to this slow and dreamlike trilogy. I’m very pleased that we got to learn about what happened to Wendell, as I feel both he and the readers needed closure to move on.

The ending to this trilogy is heartfelt and lovely. I even teared up a bit at the end because I had become so invested in the relationships between all these characters.

I’m very pleased with how everything wrapped up with these characters, and I’m pleased that I discovered this heartwarming story about friendship, loyalty, and love.

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