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The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston | Book Review

I really enjoyed the concept of The Seven Year Slip. I haven’t read Poston’s adult romance debut, but from what I can tell everyone is loving her switch to this genre. I’m definitely keen to pick up The Dead Romantics after reading this one, because I found myself really enjoying Poston’s little twist that she put on the genre.

I really enjoyed reading about Clementine as she interacted with Iwan, a man who was literally existing in the past. Seeing Clementine deal with her struggles and learn to open herself up again after losing her aunt and her best friend.

I wasn’t expecting this book to deal so much with grief, but that was one of the major topics. I was very impressed with how Poston handled it, and I even shed some tears towards the end because it was just so lovely.

I also found myself relating to Clementine in terms of her attitude towards her work and career, so it has given me a lot to thing about in that regard too.

Overall, I’m really pleased to have read The Seven Year Slip and I’m going to have to go and get my hands on The Dead Romantics now!

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