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Reading Plans for October 2023 | October TBR

I have so many reading plans for October that it’s becoming a little overwhelming! I loooove the spooky season, so I always try to cram in as many spooky reads as I can, and then I decide I should also blog and vlog about what I’m reading so I can share my enthusiasm with other readers. I’ve split this monthly TBR up into those projects to try to keep it tidy. This is just a snippet of what I’m hoping to read in October!

Vampire TBR

I’m planning on reading a bunch of vampire books in October because the vampire phase has well and truly returning. This time there are a lot more varied kinds of vampires, so I wanted to try a bit of everything with this TBR. Vampires of El Norte seems to be a supernatural western type deal, In Nightfall is Buffy-esque YA, and The Witch and the Vampire is a sapphic Rapunzel retelling. I’m hyped for them all!

Haunted House TBR

Admittedly, I might have started reading these haunted house books a little early because I was in the zone. How to Sell a Haunted House will be my first Grady Hendrix since Horrorstor. I believe it deals with the theme of grief. The Haunting of Hill House is, of course, a classic, and it will be my first Shirley Jackson. The Hacienda is a haunted house story set in Mexico, and I’m hoping it is going to be creepy and gothic!


I received these books from publishers via Netgalley, so I should probably attempt to read them ASAP! Admittedly, The Christmas Appeal is normally one I would try to read closer to December, but it releases in October ready for the gifting season so I am going to put it on my TBR for this month. Again and Again sounds like a good sci-fi book for when I want something a little different, and Midnight is the Darkest Hour promises to be an excellent thriller read.

What are your October reading plans? Do you like to partake in themed reading?

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