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    Reading Plans for October 2023 | October TBR

    I have so many reading plans for October that it’s becoming a little overwhelming! I loooove the spooky season, so I always try to cram in as many spooky reads as I can, and then I decide I should also blog and vlog about what I’m reading so I can share my enthusiasm with other readers. I’ve split this monthly TBR up into those projects to try to keep it tidy. This is just a snippet of what I’m hoping to read in October!

    Vampire TBR

    I’m planning on reading a bunch of vampire books in October because the vampire phase has well and truly returning. This time there are a lot more varied kinds of vampires, so I wanted to try a bit of everything with this TBR. Vampires of El Norte seems to be a supernatural western type deal, In Nightfall is Buffy-esque YA, and The Witch and the Vampire is a sapphic Rapunzel retelling. I’m hyped for them all!

    Haunted House TBR

    Admittedly, I might have started reading these haunted house books a little early because I was in the zone. How to Sell a Haunted House will be my first Grady Hendrix since Horrorstor. I believe it deals with the theme of grief. The Haunting of Hill House is, of course, a classic, and it will be my first Shirley Jackson. The Hacienda is a haunted house story set in Mexico, and I’m hoping it is going to be creepy and gothic!


    I received these books from publishers via Netgalley, so I should probably attempt to read them ASAP! Admittedly, The Christmas Appeal is normally one I would try to read closer to December, but it releases in October ready for the gifting season so I am going to put it on my TBR for this month. Again and Again sounds like a good sci-fi book for when I want something a little different, and Midnight is the Darkest Hour promises to be an excellent thriller read.

    What are your October reading plans? Do you like to partake in themed reading?

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    Reading Plans for January | January TBR

    Is anyone else feeling super pumped for the new year? I always feel most motivated in January, so I’m hoping to make the most of it and get through a massive pile of books. I posted about my reading goals on my Booktube channel, if you want to take a look to see how my reading relates to those goals then you should! 

    I am, admittedly, not great at sticking to my TBR lists because I’m such a mood reader, but here are a bunch of books that I’m hoping to read in January. I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic reading month regardless, even if I do need to mix it up!


    One of my 2023 goals is to finish some series. I’m terrible at doing this; I tend to read up to the final book in the series and then stop. Possibly out of fear. But I’m making an effort this year to squeeze in some series and properly focus on them. I have a couple of series books on my TBR for January, and I’m planning on ramping it up over the next couple of months.


    This is the sequel to Blood Heir, which I read last year and loved. It’s a fun YA fantasy book that is also quite bleak. Just my kind of thing. I’m hoping to pick up the third book in this trilogy almost straight after, because I have a feeling it’s a good one to marathon.


    I’m listening to this one on audio and I’ve only got a couple of hours left. I’ve been really enjoying listening to this series as the narrator is fantastic and does really fun accents. Bridge of Souls is set in New Orleans, which is somewhere I would love to visit one day!

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    Reading Plans for December | December TBR

    I want to start posting about my upcoming reading plans on the blog, since I post a monthly TBR video
    on Booktube anyway and I figure there’s nothing more exciting than talking about the books you want to
    read. I have some time off work in December, but not enough time off to justify my ambitious reading list.
    Maybe you could help me whittle it down?

    I’ve split these books into a few sections. The first section is full of books that I got for my birthday. I’m
    really excited for all of these, so it makes sense that I get to them while the iron is hot, so to speak!

    Birthday Books

    Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

    I read Girl Made of Stars by this author a few years back and gave it a whopping five stars. I haven’t read anything else by her since, just because she kept slipping off my radar. This one sounds incredible
    though, and my friend Nikki gifted it to me for my 30th!

    Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy
    I bought this one as a birthday gift to myself! My friend Angela has been talking about this one a lot this year, and it sounds like something I would love. I believe this is cli-fi that talks about extinction and, obviously, migration. It’s also set in Greenland, so I’ll be able to add it to my world map this year.

    Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean
    This is another one I bought for myself, and I put it on the list as I imagine it’s going to be a super quick read. It’s basically the Princess Diaries but set in Japan. I haven’t added Japan to my world map yet this year so this one is perfect, and I also want to recap it for Recaptains so people can prep for the sequel!

    The second section is books that I challenged myself to read by the end of the year. There were far too
    many left for me to include all of them, so I’ve included the books that are most important to me. I still
    might struggle to read all of them, but at least it’s written down.